What a (fairly) good week it’s been for us here at Steeple Media.

Glorious, sunny weather and work coming in – can’t be bad at all. (Pity about the old football knee acting up, meaning a day or two on the couch and a return to the fattening steroids, but hey ho…)


First, the work – and a day of remarkable coincidence. While passing the new Jack’s Coffee House in Falkirk, my attention was grabbed by the large black and white image of an apparent 1930s Hollywood movie idol, just beside the entrance.

That image has been a familiar one to me for many years, not because of familiarity with any Hollywood star, but because it had a personal significance. What on earth is a picture of Jack Wallace Snr doing here outside a cafe in Falkirk?

Jack Wallace Snr was the father of a close friend and journalistic colleague of mine at a TV company in Glasgow. Jack Jnr had often shown me pictures of his photographer dad over the years. He had had been a WW11 RAF photographer and was later chief photographer on the Scotsman.

But he and his family lived in Glasgow, so why was his picture outside a cafe in Falkirk, attached to the new Business Hub?


Intrigued, I walked in and asked – and the next hour was my best of what was to be an enjoyable week. The proprietor is none other than Jack Jnr’s son, who has based the cafe theme on his family’s media links – and a superb cafe it is too, with cracking black and white images taken by his grandad on the walls. It’s well worth a visit.

As soon as I told Derek who I was, he recognised my name immediately and we had a warm chat, reminiscing about his dad and grandad. Then he asked what I was doing these days.

When I told him about Steeple Media, he immediately asked if I could assist him with some wording for his page on the Hub website and bingo – another client!


In case you haven’t heard, the Falkirk Business Hub is a new business centre right at the heart of the town, offering a new service unique to the community. It has breathed life in to the wonderful building which used to house the Post Office but which had lain empty for some years.

Its website says : ‘’We provide a high quality range of business office and meeting room options to suit all needs. This includes offices on easy in-easy out flexible licence terms, virtual offices, an ultra modern co-working environment, and prestigious meeting suites and Boardroom.’’

As well as all that and Jack’s, there is also a Wellness centre, so it has everything any embryonic business could wish for.


So to recap this week’s work, I’ve spent time writing copy for Jack’s website page, updated the blog for GRS Homes, set up a few Google accounts (time consuming and no easy task!), consulted with my good friend Keith at Supaweavers Website Design on additions to my own site and others (admittedly we did this in the Woodside – media work is always convivial), drew up a filming schedule for a corporate video job coming up soon, met several existing clients with suggestions as to how video can help promote their business, set up meetings with prospective media training clients and finally wrote an article – on blogging – for the May edition of the Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce monthly magazine. And that’s not all…..


As a member of the Chamber, I was included in their weekly email as the company making the offer of the week to associated firms.

Steeple Media is offering a 20% discount on three services; the production of professional HD company profile videos for websites or YouTube channels; 20% discount on ‘How to get your voice heard in the media’ training courses; and the same discount on internal company media training sessions for senior personnel. Full details can be found or contact Tom on 07764 355078 or


And seeing as I’m in a good mood because of the sunny weather, I’m happy to extend those offers to ANY company contacting me before the end of April.

I’m also taking on more blogging work at the request of a few companies, so if you feel you haven’t the time to write one, or you’re not confident in your own writing skills in these days of text-speak, give me a call.

As I say, it’s been a busy week but I even found time – on the nicest day so far, Good Friday –for a day at the Musselburgh races. Between the three of us, we had three winners, which paid for the punting, entrance and even a few beers – not bad at all.

This week? Not entirely sure yet, but it promises to be a busy, varied and hopefully profitable one. Fingers crossed!