It’s a cracker, Jack!


Stand by for superlatives – I’ve just sampled a mouth-watering souvlaki at Jack’s Coffee House (don’t be confused by the name – they’re just as revered for their food as their super foaming stuff) and I enjoyed a meal surpassing anything else Falkirk has to offer.

First, the presentation is excellent and as my old mother used to say your eyes are bigger than your stomach.


The sharp and appealing aroma is the first thing to tingle your senses. Then your eyes fall on the glistening, herbed, skewered and griddled pork pieces, nestling on a red onion salad, colourful and appealing. This in turn lies on a wonderfully-crisp and tasty flatbread.

The pork was as it should be – beautifully moist and tender. The flowing juices were neatly accommodated by the superb flatbread and this on its own would have made a satisfying, delicious and filling meal. (The red onion salad was superb, incidentally).


However, Jack’s does things in plentitude and the souvlaki was accompanied by a bowl of sumptuous and visually-appealing traditional Greek salad. The vibrant white, green, red and black hues promised the flavours to come.

The voluptuous and brilliantly-scarlet slices of tomato oozed flavour and proved a succulent counterbalance to the salty sharpness of the enticing chunks of feta – no supermarket stuff this.

The cucumber and kalamata olives melded to give satisfying crunch and yielding softness of Mediterranean splendour.

The salad is garnished with Jack’s special dressing, with light touches of oregano and a subtle olive oil, a far cry from the shop-bought and often-overwhelming slatherings you often find elsewhere in a so-called ‘’traditional Greek salad.’’

Boss Derek and new chef George have the cuisine at their command. Jack’s is able to provide high-quality, fresh and enticing dishes to order, to accommodate diners who may have limited time.

But it would be a waste to rush through a meal at Jack’s – make the time to enjoy the wide range on offer, from fine dining to simple coffee, home-made cake and biscuits, in a relaxed atmosphere where the ethos is laid-back and laconic.

You just chill and let the excellent team at Jack’s Coffee House look after you – and enjoy the best food in town.