Exciting times ahead for Steeple Media


It’s been a pleasant few weeks for us here. We’ve managed to squeeze in a week’s holiday on the beautiful island of Islay (genealogy followers, please see appropriate blog posting – I went home!) where the scenery was amazing and the weather almost Mediterranean.

We rented a beautiful cottage right on the beach at Bowmore and bang next door to the eponymous distillery.

Jamie and Lexy (our beautiful new Cocker Spaniel puppy) had a wonderful time, spending most of their waking hours in the sea – no cold water here!

I spent much of my time tracing the family tree and watching the World Cup dramas unfold in the lovely village pubs, surrounded by people who had a live interest – Belgians, Dutch, French, Germans and even the odd Brazilian (sorry to bring up private grief!)

Next time up, the Euros and hopefully there might be blue, white and kilts in attendance.

Doing the business….

On the work front, things continue to develop for us. We did a media training day for the pro-independence group, Business for Scotland, which went down really well and we are hopeful of some more work from them before the referendum.


I also had a great meeting with a journalistic colleague who introduced me to two ladies who operate a marketing firm. It looks as if there might be the basis here for a good partnership arrangement and the prospect of ongoing film production opportunities.

Great time for GRS Homes…

As you know, I write the blog for my good friends at the luxury house developer firm, GRS Homes of Falkirk. Their star is on the rise and they have now secured two plots which will greatly enhance the housing offer in this area. More to come….

Hitting the road to Jack’s…

I have a networking meeting with another contact coming up and where else would we go to talk but to my client’s thriving venture, Jack’s Coffee House, in the Falkirk Business Hub?  Great food, great coffee and a great atmosphere.

And immediately after that, I have a second meeting of the day with someone who runs a major commercial operation in the town who might be interested in a video for their website. If it all comes off, next year’s holidays are already beckoning!

Getting the bit between my teeth with Keith…

Lastly and by no means least, I have a meeting with my friend Keith of Supaweavers, my colleague and website developer, to plan a possible joint venture well away from the world of media training, film production and PR. Watch this space.

We are on the horns of a dilemma, though – should it be in the Woodside or the Wheatsheaf?