The art of blogging…..

Another week and more work comes in for Steeple Media.

I’ve been asked to write a blog for a house builder client, GRS Homes,
for whom I’ve also made a video showcasing their developments – and
really posh they are too.

Some people question the need for company blogs, or the time spent on
writing them, but not only are they a way of keeping people informed
as to what you’re up to, they also help heighten your online profile
and drive more traffic to your website..

If they’re interesting or humorous, readers come back for more and
while they’re at it, they’re likely to look at the rest of your
website and maybe even become interested in your product or service.
So blogs can help attract business and income, which makes the effort
of writing them worthwhile.

But don’t be tempted to use your blog for a direct sales pitch -
they’re meant to be light and conversational in tone, otherwise people
turn off.

Many folk, however, aren’t confident enough in their own writing
skills in an age where text language in in everyday use. I even get
emails – business emails – in which people say things like ”business
not gr8 but I’m hoping it will get better soon, lol”.

That might be acceptable in a short text message, but never in
business communication and let’s face it, communication is the name of
the game for companies nowadays, especially in this digital age. If
you can’t communicate clearly what your organisation does, then people
will be reluctant to become involved with you.

And if your website is full of grammatical errors and misspellings, it
demeans your firm. The website is often the first contact people have
with your business and although it’s a cliché, you really only get one
chance to make a first impression.

So I’m looking forward to writing this week’s blog for GRS Homes and
hopefully you’ll enjoy it too!

Cheers till next week.