Media Relations


Any individual and any company can be thrust into the media spotlight these days – whether they want to be or not. And if you’re not confident of delivering your business’s side of things in the heat of the media moment, it could be disastrous. You might think a simple ‘no comment’ will take the heat off – but it just makes it look as if you have something to hide. Let us take the strain. We are former TV reporters and know how to conduct ourselves in front of a camera and microphone.  We also worked in national newspapers and radio, so we know how to deal with those too. Protecting your company’s reputation is crucial. If the media come calling – call us.


But media interest can also be a positive thing – you can use the local, national and trade media to sell your products, promote your business and make your company grow, through considered messaging. Many people will tell you the traditional press release is dead and social media is the only way forward. That’s not true and they’re just saying that to sell you the only way they know how to deal with the media. A healthy mix of all methods – video, news releases and social media – is the best way forward. But again, professionalism is all. If you don’t know how to target your audience, or your media releases are full of grammatical and spelling errors, what does that say about your company?

Let us take the strain!

We’ve been writing – and, as news editors at several media outlets, receiving  - media releases for years and if no interest is gained after reading the first two paragraphs, they go straight in the bin, along with your fee.  A wordsmith is worth his weight in gold, even in the digital age.